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Coolink SWiF2 1201 and 120P Fan Review

Fans are often the sole component that keeps our computers running cool and stable. Whether it be on a CPU Cooler or a case fan, all computers have them somewhere! The tendancy amongst most people is to buy the cheapest 120mm fan with some form of flashy lights, not realising the cheaper fans have a higher sound rating (dB) and lower CFM. CFM is a measurement of air flow and in all cases with fans, the higher the better. Lower temperatures on components like the motherboard means lower thermal resistance and in theory higher, more stable overclocks at lower voltages. It also means that your components run a lot cooler, with hot air being passed out of the fan at a quicker rate. Good airflow is essential for longer, healthier and more stable components. It’s 2010, components are running faster than even are thus producing more heat! A good, high CFM and low dB fan (for convenience) is absolutely essential!

Enough of the lecture, let’s get on to todays review.

The fans that will be evaluated and analysed today are Coolink’s SWiF2 1201 and 120P fans which are both 120mm in size. Coolink are a brand who haven’t been renowned for high performance fans nor releasing quiet fans. However, with the release of the new SWiF2 series of fans, it seems times have changed.

For those who are unfamiliair to the brand, here’s a little information about them:

“Kolink International Corporation is a cooling specialist established in 1996 and well known among industry insiders. Throughout the years, Kolink designed and manufactured many top-performing heat-sinks under various brand names that succeeded in international markets. An experienced R&D team and ultra-modern production plants in Taiwan ensure continuous progress, efficient manufacturing conditions and strict quality standards.”

If your still wondering who Coolink are, there’s a good reason for that. Coolink launched in Europe in 2005 after success in the Asian market. As we all know, becoming established in such a competitive environment is never easy! The only way to do so is through quality and lots of R&D.

Have Coolink hit the spot with the new SWiF2 Series of fans? Or will this be another fan in a congested market?

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