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Exclusive Pictures of ASUS Concept Motherboard: Immensity!

After the sneak peak of the Asus Immensity at Computex, Asus have released pictures of the board in the flesh! The board which boasts a integrated Radeon 5770 GPU is still in prototype and Asus are yet to state whether it will go into full production.

Integrated HD 5770

ROG colour scheme!

I/O and prototype heatsinks

Aerial shot of the Immensity

Our response: How many of you drooled over the Immensity? Lucid Hydra technology and an integrated HD 5770 GPU would certainly open up a new range of products from the Industries finest! With boards like the Immensity nearing the stage where there may be produced for the market, it encourages others to up their game – We, the consumer, win!

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