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Exclusive Interview with Ken Burton

Q1)      Hi Ken. How are you keeping?

A1)       Hi Aaron.  Not bad at all mate.

Q2)      Could you please give our readers a little bit of background info on how you came about on the Youtube community and Machinima?

A2)      I’ve made no secret of the fact that I was a semi-highflyer in a rather large company and life was always too fast for the things that really mattered.  Following an illness it woke me up to the fact that there are more important things in life than work.  So I had some time off and tried to concentrate on all the things I’d been missing out on and one of those was my son.  But when you’ve drifted as much as I had how do you re-create a relationship with a 14 year old?  The answer of course was video games and through the PS3 we managed to rebuild that relationship.  This lead to starting to post on Youtube and ask advise about my gameplay and why I was so bad at this game.  Machinima found those amusing and offered me a contract.

Q3)      Why do you think the gaming commentary sector over at Youtube has become so popular?

A3)      I think it’s basically the domination of MW2 into the lives of almost every teen – I sometimes think I’m the only adult in the world.  Even if you’re not in a position to play it you’re watching someone else paly it and when you are playing you want to compare yourself to others.  The obsession with Modern Warfare 2 has taken over Machinima as a channel and created the monster which is Respawn.

Q4)      What do you want from COD: Black Ops?

A4)      The facility to try out some of the vehicles at ground and aerial level so we can get used to them before we go online.  More modern weapons, up-to-date equipment, banned noob tubers (lol!) and removal of campers!

Q5)      What has been your favourite map out of the map packs? And do you think it warranted the price tag Microsoft put on it?

A5)      Trailer Park.  And at the end of the day it’s market force – they could have doubled the price and sold just as many.

Q6)      Why is it that you’ve used practically the two main consoles yet never played MW2 on PC!? Come on Ken! PC gaming is “renowned” for it’s accuracy in first person shooters, something you yourself have admitted to not having a lot of. Come over to the dark side!

A6)      General opinion is that if it hasn’t already been hacked it soon will be!  Going through all the Steam stuff is too complex and I don’t have time for 2 consoles never mind 3!!!!

Thanks for talking to us Ken, it’s been a pleasure and we wish you and Heather the best in the future!

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