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Exclusive Interview with Iain Bristow from Asus!

1) Hey Iain, For our readers can you let us know your role at Asus?

My job role and responsibility is to coordinate the component product marketing activities and Press relations for the UK, that includes Motherboards, VGA, Networking, LCD, ODD, Audio and Multimedia products.

2) As ASUS claim, all motherboards within warranty have a 5 working day turn around, what’s the average percentage of which this has happened since starting this claim?

This process now includes our VGA products too, and so far we’ve not experienced the process taking longer than 5 days in more than a handful of cases. Obviously this process is new, but it’s certainly becoming a lot more reliable than our previous.

3) Do Asus have any plans to move into any other area’s? such as PSU’s, Hard drives or RAM?

Storage and RAM isn’t an area that we’re planning to move towards, however we have released our own PSU’s previously, though they aren’t available in the UK at the moment.

4) How long is it until USB3.0 becomes mainstream on Asus motherboards?

Right now. USB 3.0 is being incorporated on each of our AMD based motherboards moving forward, and is already available on our H55 / H57 / P55 and X58 ranges.

5) What can we expect from Asus in the upcoming months and later this year, is there anything you can reveal to our readers?

We’ve got some really exciting graphics products upcoming, including the ARES graphics card which is based on 2 x 5870’s on one card, as well as the awesome Rampage III Extreme. With digital phases, it’s going to be a world record breaker.

6) Working for the one of the world’s best regarded motherboard manufacturers, you must have a keen interest in components and a kick ass rig?

Heh, my previous rig was pretty awesome, but I’ve had to downgrade the looks and upgrade the performance recently. Im currently running a Core i7 940 on a P6T Deluxe with a GTX 285, a bit of a performance upgrade from my QX9650 on a Rampage Extreme and a pair of 4870’s in Crossfire. I’ve attached a few pictures of my old rig.

7) Choose one: Intel / AMD then ATI / Nvidia

I couldn’t possibly choose, at the moment I’m running an Intel platform in my main system, but AMD in my media system with Nvidia graphics on the main rig and ATI on the media system!

8) Sum up why readers should choose Asus

ASUS products are without a doubt the most innovative and exciting. At the forefront of technological advances, ASUS constantly provide new innovations and products that are reliable, safe and offer the best possible performance.

Thanks for taking the time out to speak to us Iain, many thanks!

Our response: A true gentlemen! Hopefully that gives you an insight into the life of  worker in the hectic industry!

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