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Modern Warfare 2 “Resurgance” map pack released!

Just one week after the first batch of map packs hit PSN, Infinity Ward’s Robert “402” Bowling revealed new details about the upcoming Resurgence Package for Modern Warfare 2.

In an interview with Microsoft’s Major Nelson aka Larry Hyrb, Robert annouced the 5 new maps would follow the same structure as the Stimulus Map Pack. Two maps that featured in the original game would make an appearance along with 3 new maps. Priced at 1200MS points, gamers wouldn’t be blamed for anger at Infinity Ward with many seeing them as making as much as they can from the franchise.

Trailer Park – This map boasts tight corridors and small areas. It feautres maze like routes with blatant choke points, perfect for picking people off with that lovely burst fire weapon!

Carnival – Just as you would have guessed, it features an amusement park offering plenty for the sniper. It’s “unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” said Bowling who admitted this wasn’t featured in the original map pack due to the fact it needed “polishing”.

Fuel – Fuel is very different from all of the other maps. It’s set in an oil refinery and is split into two main battle areas. The first is wide open, for us Intervention bearing snipers. The other is a large warehouse with narrow corridors, perfect for the SMG lovers.

Vacant and Strike both featured in the original game and Bowling has claimed that the maps have been given a “new atmosphere and a lot more detail”. In the mean time, why not make the most of double XP weekend which will also occur next weekend, on all platforms!

Our response: Whether you love it or hate it, DLC is the future of gaming. Every company has to make money and for the hours of gameplay that the 5 maps will give, they are priced well. Infinity Ward will also get a lot of stick about the fact 2 old maps were included but we really think that this was done as a failsafe and to ensure that everyone was catered for! They have been touched up as Crash and Overgrown were in the “Stimulus Map Pack”!

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