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10 Reasons why console gaming is so popular!

So, you’ve been a hardcore gamer on PC for a long time. Yet you’re left wondering what those console noobs are seeing in that box! Well, it’s pretty simple. Below are 10 reasons why I believe put console gaming at the forefront of gaming.

  1. Price. Consoles are very cheap. £200 can buy you a console with a 250GB HDD and WiFi N built in.
  2. Simplicity! Pop in the game, play! No patches, no dodgy updates, no nonsense.
  3. Little user maintenance. A console needs nothing done to maintain it. Just play it day in day out!
  4. Availability. Consoles are pushed in shops in the U.K like Game, Gamestation and CEX. When a gamer goes into these shops, it’s the consoles they are exposed to. New gamers follow the console route as a result!
  5. Easy repairs. If a console breaks, say a PS3, you call up Sony and expect a collection/delivery of a new console within a few days. With a PC, the diagnostics themselves may last weeks. Then come the added issues that arise with an RMA and problems that may pursue after.
  6. Long product life cycle. Consoles are “in” for around 5 years per console. This is a very long time, for such a little price. PCs always need improving to play the current games. The current gen of consoles will play EVERY game released on the platform at a playable frame rate for all of that time.
  7. User knowledge. Anyone can buy a console, fiddling with patches, building a PC and the complications that come with it are something that users with low knowledge levels can avoid with a console.
  8. Optimisation. Games are optimised for consoles. PC games are not, due to the vast array of cards that do exist on the market.
  9. Sheer popularity. Console gaming is so popular that it won’t simply become a thing of the past.
  10. Flexibility. No DRM! Play games on your mate’s consoles or yours without worrying if you’ve gone over that activation limit!

So, you PC gamers get the gist? Yes, it’s all good and well maxing out Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on your £800 setup. The fact is that the console gamers are enjoying the same, yes not maxed out but above 60FPS you don’t notice the difference!

I’m not saying go out and buy a console, I’m saying be considerate. Consoles are here to stay!

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