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Apple – Customer Service King?

Amazing! This would sum it up in a nice, short, one worded answer but we are going to go into more detail and explain why we believe this.

Whilst I was doing the extreme overclocking for Hardwarespot, some of you may remember that I spilt acetone over my phone. Luckily for me, I had insurance. I sent it off and two weeks later my beloved iPhone returned and what seemed to be a fault free phone. Sorted, right? Wrong! Not even 10 days later, the phone developed a serious issue. The screen was all grainy and it had miscoloured pixels everywhere. I was playing on Bejeweled2 when the fault first occurred. I didn’t want to have to shell out another £50 for the repair (if you claim within 6 months there’s a £50 excess, £10 after 6 months). After the fault developed, I swiftly got on the internet and started browsing Apple’s website in the search of warranty information.

Once I had all of the information I needed, I rapidly booked myself an appointment at the Genius Bar with a “Mac” who would be able to assist me. Today, I went down to the closest Apple store which is where I had my appointment booked. I arrived a bit early but it’s better than arriving too late. With the appointment booked for 10:10AM, it was all good to go. At ten past ten on the dot they called my name and I got to speak to a “Mac”. I explained the situation. He took down a few details, noticed the error with the unit and got on the phone to the people in the back of the store where all of their goodies are kept. Within a minute, a new one was in my hands. Fully activated and ready to go within five minutes of greeting the guy… now that is what I call service!

We understand that Apple have their reputation to keep and they have done it very well! From both our own experience and reading other customer’s views online, we are extremely confident that Apple will honour their warranty at all times. If you’re having an issue with an Apple item you own you can either send it off to them by phoning them and arranging a pickup service to collect your product and then it’ll get delivered to them, or you can arrange an appointment with your local Apple store and they will sort it there and then.

Do be warned, if your Apple product is out of warranty there WILL be a fee to pay. If you’re in warranty, you’ll walk out of the shop within 10 minutes (15 minutes maximum) with a fault free product.

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